Azealia Banks Wants To Sue Remy Ma; Says Wendy Williams’ Comments About Her Were ‘Hurtful’

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Last weekend, Azealia Banks decided to throw jabs at Remy Ma, telling her to stop the auntie antics and accusing her of not doing anything for female rap since she was released from prison two years ago. This resulted in the “Wake Me Up” rapper dragging Banks on Instagram, revealing text messages where Banks discussed her struggling career, financial woes and  insulting Nicki Minaj. Banks also gave Remy TMI when she said she wanted to get a labiopathy surgery and sent her pictures of what Remy said was Banks’ vagina.  The two went back and forth the whole weekend but now the “212” spitter is looking to take this feud from social media into a court of law.

Banks vented via her Instagram stories last night (Dec. 16), saying she’s depressed and wants to take legal action against Remy Ma for “painting her in a false light.” She asked for her fans to recommend non-entertainment lawyers so she can start the process.

The Harlem native also expressed feeling violated after Wendy Williams alluded to her being a sex worker on The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week (Dec. 11).

“Now we understand how she gets her money,” Williams said to her audience. “She’s got no kids and she’s 26, with a vaginal rejuvenation? Wow. She works hard for her money.”

Wow this woman Wendy Williams called me a sex worker ….. said “I work hard for the money if I need vaginal rejuvenation”????? In what world is this okay. Wendy Williams accuses Azealia Banks of prostitution???????????????????? This is a whole new low.. I’m legitimately in tears. This hurts the type of shit that becomes acceptable to say to azealia banks is nuts

A post shared by Azealia Banks (@azealiabanks) on Dec 13, 2017 at 12:59pm PST

Now that Banks feels humiliated and laughed at, she also said via her IG stories that she is depressed about her career and wishes she could get married and be with someone who is going to “protect her mind and heart.”

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