Baby Monitor Captures Hilarious Moment Two Brothers Escape From Crib

Adorable footage is going viral after a toddler was filmed on a baby monitor camera helping his younger brother escape from a crib. (scroll down for video)

The video begins as the older brother, Ollie, who appears to be 3 to 4 years old, grabs a plastic blue chair from one side of the room and walks it over to the crib:

Moving quickly, he shifts a white blanket out of the way and places the chair firmly inside the crib—all while his bewildered baby brother watches:

Ollie then climbs into the crib and onto the chair, demonstrating for his sibling, Finn, how to escape.

Then, Finn begins his ascent, shakily scaling the chair but hesitant to make the final jump over the railing.

“You can do it Finn!” shouts Ollie.

But he won’t budge, too scared.

“Just jump to me,” he yells, reaching up to grab him, “Jump Finn!”

Finally, in a desperate move, Ollie firmly grabs the baby and pulls him over the rail as they both crash onto the floor—safe and free.

“You got it Finn!” shouts Ollie as they both hug and then make a run for the exit.

You Can Watch The Adorable Escape Here:

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