Bachelor Nation’s Robby Hayes and Chase McNary Texted Each Other About Corinne’s Drinking: Read Their Messages!

Robby Hayes and Chase McNary are real-life roommates and best friends after meeting while competing for JoJo Fletcher‘s affections on The Bachelorette season 12. (Hayes was the runner-up; McNary came in third.)

The two guys shared exclusively with Us Weekly the text messages that they sent to each other while watching The Bachelor‘s Monday, February 6, episode, including their thoughts on Corinne Olympios tossing back shots during her group date with Nick Viall and the other ladies. Check out the texts below, including their plan for their apartment, which they’ve nicknamed the “Bachelor Bungalow.”

Robby Hayes: Here we go … From Super Bowl Sunday to Super Rose Monday. #TheBachelor

Chase McNary: You think Taylor and Corinne will move in together after their season like us?

RH: That would be more like Alex [Woytkiw] and Chad [Johnson] moving in together. Makes me “Corringeee” just thinking about it

CM: Vanessa is looking like fire at this rose ceremony. Did you see that article of her saying she wanted me to be the Bachelor? #dibs

RH: Haha I did see that actually, think Nick saw the article?

CM: Sky’s out, thighs out for Nicklor on this date. I think you left your Chubbies in the mansion, and he found them.

RH: You mean he “Nick-ed” them?

CM: Corinne might be able to hang in the shot game with you, brotha.

RH: Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, Corinne is nicknamed corn, so according to Luke Bryan, she should be able to drink, right?

CM: Hahah then would she survive in the “Garden”? [Ed. note: As you may recall, some of the season 12 guys referred to themselves as “The Garden” because of all the roses they received.]

RH: She said, “Don’t you dare overlook me.” Who does that sound like from our season?

CM: Is that a short joke on Alex?

RH: I’ll leave that to your imagination.

CM: They are loving the drama of these two-on-ones. Been there, done that.

CM: I wonder if [Danielle L.] had as much whiskey as I did before dropping the L-bomb. Hopefully, he knows there’s a beer cooler in the back of the getaway car.

RH: Well, I think we both can agree she won’t be getting a personal fireworks show after that L-bomb. Boom.

CM: At least next week we’ll see more Corrinuption.

RH: “And next week, on The Bachelor … the saga Corinneues.”

CM: Someone should probably conduct a Corinnstigation on how she made it this far.

RH: We could do it in the Bachelor Bungalow?

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The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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