Bachelor’s Lace Morris Opens Up About Grant Kemp Split: I’m ‘Shocked’ He Moved on So Quickly

The flames have gone out. Bachelor in Paradise season 3 sweethearts Lace Morris and Grant Kemp announced in November that they had called off their engagement, and Morris tells Us Weekly exclusively that the split took its toll but that she’s now able to move forward.

“Life is getting a lot better,” she told Us recently at the Bachelor Charity Premiere Party benefiting SheLift at Sycamore Tavern in Los Angeles. “I’m just looking forward to this year being so much better, and it took me a while to deal with the breakup. I did my own thing for a while. It hurt. So I’m just doing so much better, and it feels really good.”

When asked what happened that caused her whirlwind romance with the firefighter to lose steam, Morris replies, “I don’t know. Grant and I just both realized some differences, and we had enough respect to end it when we did instead of pulling it along longer than we needed to. But it just wasn’t working. It just wasn’t working.”

She points out that the two of them no longer speak to each other, but that she’s recently joined dating app Bumble and has also started meeting new guys on social media and in person.

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“I just now [returned to the dating scene] after what, it’s been two months since the breakup?” the Bachelor season 20 standout says. “So I’m finally now just starting to go on dates and talk to men, and it feels good. It feels refreshing. And Grant seemed to move on a little bit quicker than I expected him to after our breakup, so I was a little shocked by that. But I took my time, for myself, and I am healthy.”

Would she return to Mexico this summer to try her luck on Bachelor in Paradise season 4? “I feel like if I do Paradise again, it might be a PTSD for me because I got engaged there,” Morris says. “And knowing that I’d be doing that all over again, I feel like I’d be stepping backwards. So I don’t know if I’d do Paradise again.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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