Basketball Wives: Cece, Jackie And OG Expertly Outbullied The Bullies And It Was Everything

OG And CECE's Basketball Wives Viewing Party

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

There’s nothing more satisfying than when bullies get a taste of their own medicine, and Cece Gutierrez, OG Chijindu and Jackie Christie certainly outbullied the bullies during episode 15 of Basketball Wives. 

The women, who have referred to themselves as the “Three Amigas,” had to go toe-to-toe with the social media-dubbed Mean Girls (Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O’Neal, Malaysia Pargo, Feby Torres and Kristen Scott) on two separate occasions, and to everyone’s surprise, they masterfully held their own. No one was more surprising though than Cece. With no hesitation in her voice at dinner, she checked Evelyn for not being able to mind the business that pays her, and put Kristen on blast for calling Shaunie a b—h since she kept bringing up her past comments about OG, pre-friendship.

Her comebacks took some time, but they were good, especially when she responded to Evelyn saying her face was too tight by saying hers was too saggy and reminiscent of a Shar Pei. Evelyn wanted her to keep the same energy she had when she called her a hoodrat, and Cece certainly did — and then some. She also kept that same energy with Kristen, leaving her crying at the pool the next day because she let her know the truth: Byron doesn’t want to mess with her selective memory-having self. And even when Evelyn tried to run up to attack her (though the BBW vet claimed that was never her intention…), it was the head mean girl who ended up face first in some the bushes, while Cece looked and remained unbothered.

OG came in a strong second with her reads. Initially, she didn’t engage in back and forths with the ladies, but rather, just wanted to protect Cece from verbal and physical attacks. When the ladies tried to call her out for doing so, referring to her as Cece’s “bodyguard,” she called them out for their hypocrisy. She also called out the fact that while they were worried about the moves she was making, Evelyn was circling around Cece, attempting to get physical. She especially shamed Malaysia, “family” to Cece, for doing nothing about it.

And of course, when Kristen tried to get loud with her, she reminded sis who really is and isn’t about that life:

She also had no qualms about setting Evelyn straight, to the point that Evelyn could think of no better comeback than to pat her pelvis and talk about her “p—y.” It was unlike anything I’ve seen before…

And kudos to Jackie as well. She initially tried to be the bigger person with Feby, but after the show newbie brought up her tepid relationship with oldest daughter Ta’Kari, Jackie embarrassed her. She called the aspiring rapper a “crackhead” and “tramp,” among other things, and threw a crumpled $20 bill her way to fund her alleged extracurricular activities. Jackie’s hits were a bit more offensive, but she still managed to make you laugh with because she was so unmoved by the few insults Feby managed to get out.

Overall, the Three Amigas made it clear to everyone that they’re tired. They’re tired of being pushed around, tired of being disrespected, and tired of the hypocrisy that is so rampant with “the collective.” They went in the underdogs as only a trio dealing with a party of five, but they’re going to leave Costa Rica as the big dogs — and the heroes of everyone on Twitter who watched the Mean Girls, as OG put it, get their souls sizzled.

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