Beautiful Hiking Destinations In British Columbia

If you’ve ever hiked in British Columbia, you’ll immediately know why the province is lovingly called “Beautiful B.C.” British Columbia is known for its wide selection of mountains and national parks, making it an ideal location for hikers. Whether you’re a beginner hoping for a scenic climb or an avid hiker in search of a new challenge, this beautiful province is sure to offer the perfect hiking trail for you.


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Dog Mountain, Vancouver

Located near Vancouver, the Dog Mountain bluffs are a great option for beginner hikers looking to dedicate only an hour or two to the climb. Though this hike is one of the less ambitious ones on this list, its views do not disappoint. The trail’s peak offers unrivaled views of North Vancouver and the city’s downtown core.


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Brandywine Mountain, Whistler

Brandywine Mountain is located 40 minutes south of Whistler. The trail takes the hiker through a forest and a flower-filled valley that eventually lead towards Brandywine Mountain’s 2,200 metre-high summit.  Falling on the more moderate-difficulty level, it is said to take around three to five hours to complete the round trip.


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Three Brothers Mountain, Okanagan

The Heather Trail on Three Brothers Mountain begins in a beautiful, rolling meadow which provides ample opportunity for bird watching. The trail eventually leads to the west side of the mountain, where the climb begins. Heather Trail is at a moderate difficulty level, but takes over 10 hours to complete it one way, making the full trail an overnight trip. Stop for frequent breaks to enjoy the scenery, and pack secure camping gear for the night.


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The Lions, Vancouver

The most difficult trip on our list, the Binkert Trail on the Lions Peaks is not for the faint-hearted. The Lions are twin peaks along the North Shore Mountains that are visible from downtown Vancouver, making this an iconic climb for city locals. The trail leads the hiker up West Lion (the only peak that can be climbed) and takes around 5-8 hours to complete. The trail’s difficulty lies in the combination of the mountain’s foggy climate and its downward descent that is so tricky it requires ropes.