Because It’s National Pet Day: 15 Very Cute Men With Very Cute Pets

I don’t own a dog (mainly because my husband thinks trying to rear a dog in a cramped New York City apartment is damn near cruelty to animals), so I live vicariously through the people I see with pets. The ones I see at the dog park. The ones I see walking their furry friends on a Saturday. The ones I see letting their pets poop in the middle of the sidewalk on my block. Well, not those people actually…

And I’m getting my fill of living vicariously through pet owners today since it’s National Pet Day. Aside from everyday people though, plenty of celebrities are proud pet owners or just pure pet lovers. With that being said, check out 15 handsome fellas and the 15 very cute dogs and cats they’ve been pictured with. A big shoutout by the way for the assist from one of my favorite Instagram pages, Rappers With Puppies. Check them out for all of your assured warm fuzzies.

Fun Fact: Everest is credited as the executive producer of Channel Orange ❤?❤ #rapperswithpuppies #closeenough #idowhatiwant #frankocean #tbt

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Frank Ocean

Meet his adorable dog, Everest!