Being Mary Jane, Season 4 Ep 2: Congratulations, You Played Yourself

Ronda is emotional, and rightfully so. She breaks down in front of MJ and talks about the many years she put into her marriage. She even persuades MJ to “Do what you have to do” by going to Garrett with the information. But you didn’t think it was going to be that easy for her, did you?

When MJ and Kara go to see Garrett to shut down the segment they filmed on the charity, they find Ronda, on camera, letting the people know about the embezzlement. Of course, the move makes her a sympathetic figure, and nobody is going to kick (as in move out of the anchor chair) a woman when she’s down, right? Of course, MJ tells Kara that she spilled the tea to Ronda, and Kara is pissed. MJ just can’t see that she’s getting played…that is, until she runs into Corey outside. He tells her that he’s copping a plea deal, going to take some probation and then will continue to run Ronda’s other charities from the comforts of another country. MJ realizes Corey took the fall for Ronda and Ellis (and their fake marriage) and she also starts to finally realize that Ronda is only looking out for herself.