Being Mary Jane Season 4, Episode 1 Recap: New City, New Job, New Beef

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Is Good Day USA looking to pit Ronda and MJ against each other for ratings?

When MJ gets back to work, she has a meeting with EP Garrett and is told that they want to put her at the anchor desk and are already getting the ball rolling on making that happen. She’s excited and celebrates with Kara, only for Ronda to come out of nowhere and burst her bubble. After inviting MJ into her office, Ronda informs her that Garrett has no intention of putting her at the anchor desk and instead, wants to create contention between them for ratings. Ronda says that after she signs her new contract she will be the lead anchor for another five years. As for MJ? She’ll continue to do fluff stories and have to talk to fans in the cold.

MJ doesn’t believe it until she runs into Garrett afterward. When she reiterates her excitement about getting the ball rolling on that anchor opportunity, he starts playing games. He tells MJ that they have to wait things out past her probationary period and will see how things go then. And just like that, she knows that she wasn’t being groomed for anything but drama.


All in all, I will say that based on episode one of Season 4, with its new city, new job and new showrunner still manages to have some of the same drama. That’s not saying it’s a bad thing. Mary Jane can’t seem to get it right romantically, her family is still trying to overcome major bumps, and there’s always someone trying to come for her spot professionally. But it all still makes for a relatable show, because who of us truly has it all together in every realm?

I’m excited to see what other love prospects may be in the works for MJ (Lee is charming, but bland), to see what Michael Ealy will bring to the show, how Niecy will react when she gets this settlement money and just how low Ronda will go. I hope the story continues to improve though, because to be honest, it seems as though we’re watching MJ regress, as opposed to make progress.

What did you think of the season premiere?


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