Ben Affleck’s Top Films Of All Time


Ben Affleck has been in the news a lot in the last year. From his highly publicized marital issues, to taking over the reigns of Batman in not one but two films this year, and now for his latest action flick The Accountant, Affleck has seemingly been everywhere. While The Accountant may not be getting a lot of love from critics at the moment, Affleck has won two Oscars (one for producing Argo, and one for Writing Good Will Hunting) and might just one day get one for his acting skills as well. Here are our favourite Ben Affleck movies that he’s starred in of all time.

Chasing Amy: Affleck is one of the few stars who have popped up in several Kevin Smith films, and this one about a comic book artist falling for a lesbian is by far his best role in them. While Joey Lauren Adams may be the real star of the film, it definitely wouldn’t have been as good as it was without the chemistry she had with Affleck. Unfortunately for Affleck, his best friend Matt Damon started getting the juicier roles, and Affleck wouldn’t have a great film for many more years.

Hollywoodland: Many people were surprised that Affleck was cast as Superman star George Reeves in this 2006 biopic looking into the actor’s death, but he did a great job in it. The film may not have been the best, but Affleck shined throughout it. After years of being cast in poor action films, and rom-coms, Affleck started to show the world he could really act in this one.

State of Play: This crime thriller introduced Affleck to a whole new audience, those who enjoyed a good political thriller. In this one he plays a young up and coming congressman embroiled in the middle of a conspiracy. This film had a lot of good actors surrounding Affleck, including Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren, and he held his own.

The Town: Affleck’s career really started to shine when he began stepping behind the camera, and in 2010 he decided he’d direct himself in The Town. In it he plays a bank robber who falls for one of the victims from an earlier crime. While co-star Jeremy Renner got an Oscar nom for his role int he film, Affleck could have very easily gotten one himself.

Argo: Affleck should have gotten an Oscar for directing Argo, as he picked up almost every other major directing award for the film, but his directing wasn’t the only thing noteworthy in the film. He did a great job playing a real-life CIA agent trying to get Americans out of Tehran in the 1980s as well.

Gone Girl: If Gillian Flynn had someone in mind to play Nick Dunne from her hit novel Gone Girl as she was writing it, Affleck might just have been it. He fit into the role better than anyone could have imagined, and made the movie as memorable as the book.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ok, the movie might not have been as good as Warner Brothers would have liked, but you have to admit Affleck played the Batman way better than expected. He pulled off both Batman and Bruce Wayne with relative ease,  and has us excited for the future of the franchise.