Best Fitness Gadgets For An Easy Workout


Photo: fitbit on Instagram 

If you missed out on the opportunity to achieve your summer body goals, you can always stay in shape as we head into autumn. Whether you’re starting a new dream job or returning to the classroom, September is a fresh start which can leave many of us feeling inspired to get fit. There are many new fitness devices to help you stay on track of your health and workout goals. Whatever the case may be, here are four extremely useful workout gadgets to utilize for an easy and effective workout.


Misfit Ray, $100:This non-charging, swim proof cylinder with LED progress display is said to automatically track steps, distance, calories and check up on your sleep. The bracelet comes in four different colours for active individuals to choose from. The misfit ray is also said to have vibration alerts for call and text, as well as movement reminders to keep you moving as much as possible.


Mira System Bracelet, $115: This quite stylish looking fitness bracelet was said to be designed to track steps, caloties, distance and elevation. The bracelet can be snapped out of the setting and clipped onto your clothing on into your pocket. It is said to be water resistant and the app easily syncs to track your activities and celebrates your fit moments. It is also USB compatible to be charged.


Fitbit One Wireless Activity Sleep Tracker, $135: This clip mounted unit is said to be created to help you achieve fitness goals by calculating distance traveled throughout the day, how many steps taken and calories burnt. The device wirelessly syncs all your information to your computer and or Smartphone. It is also said to calculate your sleeping quality and how long you sleep.


Fitbit Alta Wireless Fitness Tracker, $176: This sleek, thin tracker calculates distance, activity time, calories burned and steps taken throughout the day. This device is said to connect to your computer or Smartphone to constantly update your information. It also tracks your length and quality of sleep. The included mobile app features a section to track your food intake and calculate your progress.