Bill Clinton And James Patterson Are Trying To Get Their Unreleased Novel Made Into A Film

While it’s not that uncommon for authors to sell the movie rights to their novels before they come out, it is a little different for them to do it when there isn’t a lot of details about what the book is about. And it’s even more odd when it is the first work of fiction for one of the co-writers.

When Bill Clinton announced back in May that he was co-writing a fictional novel with mystery writer James Patterson, heads were turned and people started getting interested. Not a lot of information was released about it either, other than the book cover and the limited details that the sitting U.S. President is missing. They also stated that Clinton’s contributions were to be “insider details that only a president can know.” What exactly that means isn’t clear, but both seemed pumped about working together. It was also stated that they would go on a book tour together to promote it when it is released in summer 2018. And now the duo are apparently looking for an A-list Hollywood director to helm the feature film version of it.

According to, Patterson and Clinton are meeting with top producers to discuss the project. They are looking at directors such as J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg and George Clooney, among others. Any of the three would be good choices, considering their body of work. Of course now we just have to wait and see if the novel is good enough to merit a movie adaptation.