Black Twitter Responds To Newsweek’s Interracial Dating Article

He invites you to lots of group things

I remember the days when every other week, it seemed like some mainstream publication was talking down to or about Black women. Whether it was about health issues, attractiveness or dating and marriage habits, someone realized disparaging news about Black women was poppin’ and they ran with it.
But after Black women got tired of these stories and called these publications out on it, the number of stories decreased drastically.
But earlier this week, Newsweek tried to revert back to the old formula with this headline.

As you can see from Britni’s tweet, folks weren’t happy with it. Instead of just speaking about “The Bachelorette,” the publication tried to make a larger commentary and it just didn’t go over well, not only because of the implications of the headline but also the fact that people said the information was outdated.