#BlackExcellence Moments This Year

3This past year has been epic for Black Hollywood. We have won awards, broken records and have shown our projects can cross over. We want to take this time to share some epic #BlackExcellence moments over the past year.

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures, one of the biggest films that hit Hollywood last year and we showed out at the movie theaters. This iconic film told an unknown story of three Black women by the name of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson who helped John Glenn successfully orbit around Earth. This was real American history being told and we are so proud we now know their story.

The New Edition Story

Some biopics have us questioning why they were even made. BET came out with “The New Edition Story” and broke Black Twitter. The biopic was raw and thanks to the help of the original members of power group New Edition. We got to see the highs and the lows of their lives in the music industry. Who knew so much was going on behind the scenes? This movie had us begging for more biopics of other superstar groups.

Mahershala Ali 

You may not have known the name until recently, but Mahershala has been making moves. Starring in the hit “Moonlight”, he recently won Best Supporting Actor at the 2017 Oscars which was huge. His role as the villain in the Netflix Marvel series “Luke Cage” also brought him a lot of attention. We look forward to seeing more of his talent.

Jordan Peele

Funnyman Jordan Peele has been a favorite of Comedy Central and starred in “Keanu” with his “Key Peele” co-star Keegan-Michael Key. Known for his hilarious skits, Peele made his directorial debut this year with the hit “Get Out”. This film broke all types of records and had social media on fire with talks of “the sunken place”.


Denzel Washington 

Denzel Washington has played many types of roles and has even won several awards included a Tony Award for his role in the play “Fences”. When they decided to make the film, it was a no-brainer for Denzel to reprise his role. The movie came out and had everyone praising Denzel for his soul-burning performance.