Blake Lively Unfollows Husband And Deletes All Photos On Instagram

Now before you start freaking out about the headline, yes Blake Lively has unfollowed her husband Ryan Reynolds on Instagram, and yes she has deleted all her photos, but don’t worry,  it’s just a publicity stunt aimed at helping her upcoming film gain some traction.

A Simple Favor isn’t set to be released until September 14 of this year (which might just mean it will appear at TIFF just before that), and in it Lively plays a woman named Emily Nelson who suddenly disappears. Sound familiar? Lively also changed her bio to “What happened to Emily?…” and has started following women named Emily Nelson. This morning she posted a video, that when you click on it is part of the trailer for the movie. 


When Lively started making changes to her account, fans started to worry, and wonder if there was trouble in Lively and Reynold’s marriage. Of course others started wondering what sort of prank the two were up to as they’ve typically punked each other through social media. Now however that the truth is known fans can go back to breathing easier.

A Simple Favor comes out on September 14, and stars Lively, Anna Kendrick and Linda Cardellini.

Photo: Georges Biard on Wikipedia