Bluray Review: A Quiet Place Takes A Lot Of Risks That Pay Off

When A Quiet Place was released in April it garnered a lot of attention from the movie going public and critics alike, and it isn’t hard to see why. It was an original film that took a number of risks, while keeping true to the story throughout. Now that the film is out on Bluray, it should reach an even wider audience and get even more attention, even from people who typically don’t watch horror films. 

A Quiet Place follows the story of a family who are caught up in a post-apocalyptic world where making even the slightest noise will draw attention to them from monsters who will hunt them down and brutally kill them. Their only chance of survival is to keep quiet, because the monsters are completely blind and can only find them from the sounds they make. It makes life hard and tragic, yet not at all impossible to accomplish.

Throughout the entire movie there is under 5 minutes of spoken dialogue, although the characters have become adept at sign-language due to the fact that their daughter is deaf. This in itself makes for an interesting choice for a movie, not to mention risky, but yet it works and helps add to the overall eerieness of the film. It takes strong acting to pull off the feat of expressing everything in the movie through facial expressions and reactions, yet the entire cast manage it extremely well.  Emily Blunt and John Krasinski (who also directed A Quiet Place) lead the cast as husband and wife,  while Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe play their children. It’s a very believable family, of course part of that may be due to the fact that Blunt and Krasinski are married in real life. The CGI of the monsters may be a little over the top and not anything we haven’t seen before, but the movie didn’t need anything unique in that area because it would take the focus off the story. It really is the story that shines here, like all good horror films, and instead of being about the monsters, it’s about the family and the circumstances they find themselves in.  A good horror movie should let the scares come naturally, and not be forced, which is what this film does. The filmmakers also don’t fall into the trap of over explaining everything either, and by the end of the movie you really don’t know much more about what happened to world you are watching then you do going in. You just know the simple rule, keep quiet or you’re dead.

The Bluray doesn’t have a lot of special features, just three short behind the scenes documentaries, but they are interesting to watch and give you a better understanding of what the filmmakers were trying to accomplish. The film transfers nicely to the small screen though, and the sound quality is excellent for a home theater system. Not that there is a lot of sound.

Over all A Quiet Place doesn’t offer a lot of scares, which makes it easier for those who don’t like scary movies to watch it and enjoy it. The story will draw you in from the very beginning, and hold your attention throughout. So sit back, grab a bag of popcorn, and enjoy the show.