Bosses With Balance: 10 Women Who Prove That You Can Have It All

Women have been made to believe that we can’t have it all. When it comes to being successful, cultivating a healthy relationship and/or creating a family, we’ve been told that it’s too hard to successfully maintain more than one, therefore we should choose wisely. However, contrary to old-fashioned views, women no longer have to feel like one thing has to be more important than everything else. With the right help and balance, we can in fact have all the things our hearts desire. Women can have successful careers while being loving mothers (including through adoption) and or/wives and more, and these 10 women prove it.


Jada Pinkett Smith

Actress, singer, dancer, songwriter, producer, wife and mother of two children, as well as stepmother to “bonus son” Trey, Jada remains booked, busy, and blessed with a beautiful family and thriving career.