Boy Has EPIC Reaction To Being Adopted Right Before Christmas!

A 3-year-old boy by the name of Michael Brown is warming hearts around the web with his reaction to being adopted after 832 long days in foster care.

In February of last year, when Michael was 18 months old, officials placed him in the foster care of Tara Montgomery with the hope that he’d reunite with his biological mother soon enough.

“As a single parent, I was not looking to adopt,” said Tara in an interview with ABC News. “Just to help kids during transition.”

But when the original plan fell through, Tara – already a single mother of two – knew exactly what she had to do.

“After his mom’s rights were severed, I knew he was going to be ours forever,” she said. “It felt like he was a part of our family right from the start.”

Indeed, Michael already had the same last name as Tara’s two daughters.

One of those daughters, Dae Brown, agreed with her mom, saying Michael’s adoption was “meant to be.”

Michael certainly didn’t complain – in fact, he could barely contain his excitement.

Dae posted the following picture on Twitter, where it has since received more than 50,000 retweets and over 127,000 likes.


Michael Brown posing excitedly following his adoption on December 20, 2016. (Image: Twitter)

“This photo is the definition of his personality,” said Dae. “He couldn’t help but let everyone know that he was being adopted today. We are so happy to have Michael in our lives.”

According to Tara, Michael has woken up in the days since his adoption and said, “Mom, I so happy.”

Source: Tara Montgomery

Source: Tara Montgomery

Now, caring for Michael isn’t exactly easy for Tara. Recurring health problems have landed him in the doctor’s office a whopping 26 times over the past year. But she said her daughters are always there to lend a hand.

“Breathing treatments, meds, ear drops and most of all, snuggles,” she said. “They never tell him no.”

Image: Tara Montgomery

Image: Tara Montgomery

Plenty of social media users have reacted to Michael Brown’s story with joy.

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