Burger King Is Rolling Out the Cereal Milkshake of Your Childhood Dreams: Froot Loops!

Is imitation still the sincerest form of flattery? If you’ve heard about NYC’s famed Momofuku Milk Bar cereal milk soft serve but never had the chance to taste the cult-favorite dessert, Burger King’s new Fruit Loops milkshake might be the next best thing. Debuting April 17, the limited-edition $3 treat consists of vanilla soft serve blended with loads of the brightly colored Kellogg’s cereal, plus a secret “sweet sauce” and a swirl of whipped cream.  

In the past, the fast-food burger chain has rolled out seasonal shakes (gingerbread, red velvet Oreo, pumpkin spice Oreo), so this edition might be a timely celebration of spring’s bright colors. But food obsessive are making other observations: Some argue it’s the newest addition to the unicorn food craze that’s spawned everything from unicorn toast to unicorn bark, while others see it as a modern spin on funfetti. (The whole unicorn trend originated in the realm of style and beauty but has blown up over the past several months.)

Either way, something tells Us we’ll be seeing this treat all over Instagram. Tell Us: Will you try a froot loops milkshake?

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