Burn Calories Fast With These Summertime Sports

Female swimmer holding on to the edge of an indoor pool

With the beautiful summer weather in effect, many individuals tend to exercise outside. There are so many different ways to move your body without getting bored. Specific sports such as swimming, biking and running are all activities which are both fun and effective. Not only will these fun and fast-paced sports save you a trip to the gym, they will also allow you to burn calories and stay fit as we enjoy blazing summertime temperatures.

1) Swimming: Swimming is without a doubt, a very efficient way to lose calories. Since swimming is a non-impact sport, it is a great option for adults looking for an energy-burning activity which can tone your entire body. Of course, weight plays a large factor in how much is burned. Generally, the more you weigh the more calories you will burn. explains that based on one hour of swimming, a 130-pound person swimming freestyle strokes will burn 590 calories fast, and 413 at a slower pace. Whereas, a 180-pound person swimming freestyle will burn 817 calories an hour swimming at a faster pace, yet only 572 slower.

2) Running: Running makes an excellent cardio workout. This simple exercise can help boost your health and fitness level multiple ways. In general, a heavier person will burn more calories than a lighter person. Livestrong claims that person who weighs 135 pounds, running for 30 minutes will burn 259 calories at 5mph. However, a person who weighs 175 pounds, will burn 336 calories running the same speed and duration. By increasing your speed, you will ultimately increase your burn.

3) Biking: Biking is a great way to get around in the summer, as well as tone many key parts of your body including your quads and hamstrings. A 20 minute bike ride gives your body a complete workout by toning muscles and effectively burning calories. Depending on how much you weigh and how fast you cycle, the amount of calories burned is varied. A 150-pound person biking at less than 10 mph will burn roughly 90 calories in 20 minutes, according to Livestrong. With an increased speed of 12-14 mph, that same person will burn 198 calories in 20 minutes. To burn even more calories, try incorporating hilly terrains and also increasing your speed.

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