Buzz Builds For Lupin – The Next Big Superfood?











The Telegraph is reporting that buzz is building for lupin, the legume that health industry insiders are touting as the next big superfood. While lupin beans are a traditional food in Mediterranean and South American cuisine (particularly liked in Portugal), lupin is not as well-known in North America.

Manufacturers are quickly working to develop lupin-based products, including ones that offer lupin in flake form (making it easy to add lupin to foods like yogurt and cereal).

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter spoke with The Telegraph about the benefits of lupin beans. “The fact that it contains significantly more protein and fibre, and fewer carbs, than wheat flour makes it very interesting in terms of producing foods which are beneficial for slimmers. Lupin also contains prebiotic fibres which can help the growth of ‘friendly’ probiotic bacteria in the gut.” Hunter points to studies showing that people who replaced regular flour with lupin flour experienced lower blood pressure and insulin sensitivity. Separate research suggests those eating lupin-enriched bread ate fewer calories at lunch than those consuming white bread. “This suggests lupin can help with satiety,” says Hunter.

If you’re a fan of legumes or want to give lupin a try with your next meal, keep an eye out for them at your local health and specialty food shop.