#CallYoPresident: Man Spots Trump Supporter Stuck In Snowstorm — Keeps Driving

You can call it petty, call it funny, call it smart or even call it vindictive. You can call it whatever you like, but one man’s decision to leave a Trump supporter stranded in the snow sure has a lot of people talking. It’s also gone viral.

While driving down the road recently, Facebook user Troy Brown claimed that he spotted a woman whose car seemed to be stuck on the side of the road. According to him, he thought about helping the driver, but as he approached, he saw she had a bumper sticker on her car in support of Donald Trump. When Brown spotted it, he decided to keep driving. His response? “#CallYoPresident”

Brown even posted about it publicly with no second thoughts:

Of course, when you go public with such stories, you’re bound to get a less than pleasant response. Comments on Brown’s page have been mixed. A number of people have admonished him for being childish while others have called him racist. But there were also people who found the situation comical or said that if he had approached her, these days, as a Black man, you never know how things would have ended.

Brown said in his comments that he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter, and in response to criticism, personally replied to people with “I don’t support Trump supporters, rapists, murderers, or trafficking.” Basically, he’s unphased by any negative comments but excited that a conversation has started on his page. It seems that as long as people click “Follow,” they’re welcome. But for those claiming he’s what’s wrong with the world, Brown responded on social media by saying that Donald Trump and his campaign represented nothing close to peace and harmony, so he isn’t trying to hear any of that.

“I believe in peace and harmony. I don’t support those that goes against peace and harmony,” he said. “Trump has mocked the disabled, black and brown community, sexually assaulted women, settled in court, and have close ties with Russia. I don’t support any of this. Be Blessed!”

Basically, he doesn’t support people who support bigots — he doesn’t get them out of snowstorms either.

What would you have done?


Images via Facebook