Can You Stand To Loosen Up In Bed?

Do you have a hunch that you don’t exactly bring it in the bedroom? If your sexual routine has become so repetitive that it’s almost an equation at this point—20 seconds of this foreplay, one minute of that, a few minutes in this position and everybody’s done—you could be right. You may not even be routine because you don’t want to try other things; you might just be insecure to try them! It’s a pretty common problem. A lot of women worry that their face might look weird in this position, that their thighs might jiggle too much when they do this, or that they’ll just be plain bad at the other thing. But honestly, the excitement over trying new things can override the attention to technicalities. So go for it. Could you stand to loosen up in bed?

You worry about your faces

You spend a lot of time during sex wondering what your face looks like, and trying to pose it so that you look aroused but still normal. Normal? NORMAL!? Come on. If you look normal then that will make your partner think he’s doing something wrong. You should look like you just smelled something atrocious but also are being tickled but also are about to sneeze. But correction: there’s no exact way you should look. Just let go.