Cardi B Facing $10 Million Lawsuit From Former Manager Who Allegedly Stole Money From Her

Photo Credit: Getty Images

After Cardi B found out her manager, Shaft from KSR Group, from stealing money from her, she gladly gave him his walking papers. Now that he has been given the boot, he has slapped the mother-to-be with a $10 million lawsuit.

The “Be Careful” rapper reportedly accused Shaft of pocketing money from her performances. Sources told TMZ that Shaft would tell Cardi she was being paid a smaller amount of money than what she actually was so he could pocket the difference.

Shaft, who had been managing Cardi since 2015,  is suing the former reality star for breach of contract. He claims she was obligated to keep him as her manager because he took her from being Instagram famous to being a Grammy-nominated rapper. Shaft also claimed he was the mastermind behind “Bodak Yellow” because his personal team of writers and producers are responsible for it being a no. 1 hit.

Cardi is paying more attention to her health than this drama as she has decided to take a hiatus from performing due to her pregnancy beginning to slow her down.