Cardi B Has Deleted Her Instagram Account

Getty Images

Instagram has lost one of its gems. Cardi B has deleted her account.

Bardi’s disappearance from IG comes after clapping back at Azealia Banks for going on  Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and Twitter and saying Cardi is a “caricature of a black woman” and that her image and behavior is harmful to black culture.

Cardi’s last post was another response to Banks’ seemingly hurtful comments. After already responding via Twitter and in a previous IG post, she posted a full statement before bidding her farewell.

In the lengthy read, the “Be Careful” rapper calls Banks out for “belittling black women” and then “standing for them because it’s convenient.”

Being that drama can be stressful during pregnancy, let’s hope that Cardi will make a return once she gives birth to a healthy baby. If not, we understand.