Celebrities React To The Chicago Cubs Epic World Series Win


The drought is over. After 108 year the Chicago Cubs have finally beaten the curse of the goat and won the World Series. Social media was buzzing afterwards, with everyone congratulating the Cubs, including several big name celebrities and politicians. Here are some of their reactions.

President Obama was one of the first to offer his congratulations. The Chicagoan is a noted Chicago White Sox fan, but even he knew it was time to root for the other guys. He said “It happened: @Cubs win World Series. That’s change even this South Sider can believe in. Want to come to the White House before I leave?”

While Bill Murray might be well known as a Chicago Cubs fan, he doesn’t belong to any social media accounts to give his thoughts on the game. He did tell media though that he knew it was going to happen. John Cusack however is as well know of a fan, and he does have a Twitter account. He stated “Cubs won World Series – And may I say- it was worth the wait – Chicsgo love affair with Cubs forever !” Ok, like any fan that wasn’t all he had to say, but it’s definitely one of the highlights.

Nick Offerman made an admission to his fans. “Dear followers. The @Cubs have won the World Series and I am openly crying. Ron may even have lifted his glass 2 our longsuffering. #Swanson.” Olivia Wilde on the other hand told her fans “I would watch 10 more hours of grown men weeping. So much ❤️. CONGRATS CHICAGO!!!!”

Of course several celebrities such as Stephen Colbert, Leslie Jones, Michael Moore, Henry Winkler, Dax Shepard, Rainn Wilson simply just Tweeted out not much more than their congrats. And they weren’t alone. But perhaps it was Ellen Degeneres who said it best on her Twitter acount for both fans of baseball and for those who aren’t. “I’m not saying I’m a huge baseball fan, but that game was historic. Congrats @Cubs @Indians and your amazing fans! #WorldSeries”

Photo John Cusack Twitter