Challenges All Female Friends Face

If you are fortunate enough to have a girlfriend you’ve known since childhood, then that is a very special relationship that you should work hard at keeping. There’s nothing like a friend who you used to play in the mud with, who saw you through your rough teenage years, who knows all of your family drama, who was there through every (good, bad and bizarre) boyfriend, and who cheered you on while you got established in you career. When you really think about all of that, you can see how a childhood friend is irreplaceable. You can try to tell new friends your whole life story, but it’s just not the same as having had them there with you. That’s something to keep in mind when life throws your good female friendship some curve balls. Don’t give up on it. Here are challenges all close female friendships face.

Your spouses don’t get along

It’s hard to believe when it happens. You and your best friend have so much in common. You love each other so much. You could seriously live together (and have!) and love it. How could your significant others not love each other? Well don’t forget you and your BFF still have some differing qualities, and it’s possible that your life partners appeal to those sides of you. You, your BFF and your two SO’s may not be the best friend foursome you’d hoped, but that doesn’t mean you and your best friend can’t keep up your connection. Just don’t drag the men along.