Check Out A Sneak Peek Of Taraji P. Henson’s Character In Ralph Breaks The Internet


The last time we reported about Ralph Breaks The Internet on this site, it was to discuss the lightening of our first Black Disney Princess, Tiana. But after some outrage from the internet and a meeting with Anika Noni Rose, the woman who voiced Princess Tiana, that problem has been solved.

Today, we have more positive news. According to Shadow and Act, Taraji P. Henson will be lending her voice to the animated feature. And in anticipation of the film, Shadow And Act published a character clip from the film.

The movie, the sequel to Wreck It Ralph, is about video game characters Ralph and his friend Vanellope leaving their home at the Litwak arcade to save her game Sugar Rush. To do so, they move through the internet, meeting interesting characters along the way.

This is where Henson’s character Yess comes in.

She shows Ralph and Vanellope how to navigate the internet with spam and ads. According to Shadow and Act, Yesss is the head algorithm and the heart and soul of the trend-making site ‘BuzzzTube.’”

Check out the clip of her in action in the video below.

Ralph Breaks The Internet is set to hit theaters on November 21.