Check Out The Top Celebrity Halloween Costumes Here

Halloween is the time of year everyone likes to dress up and pretend they are someone different, celebrities included. While many of us dress up as them, they are dressing up as each other, or their favourite characters. This year, with Halloween falling on a Monday, many of the big Halloween parties were held over the weekend. Here are our favourite celebrity costumes of Halloween 2016.


You won’t be able to guess who this is, unless you hear her sing. Why it’s Katy Perry dressing up as Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Photo: Katy Perry Instagram.


While Victoria Justice may not have been born when Beetlejuice was released, we must admit she does the role, uh-humm, justice.

Photo: Victoria Justice Instagram


Model Alessandra Ambrosio does an amazing job bringing Jessica Rabbit to life. It makes us want to ask, is it real, or is it a cartoon?

Photo: Alessandra Ambrosio Instagram


Ryan Lochte may not have had the best time at the end of the Rio Olympics, but he’s been doing just fine since then. Here he is posing as the Mad Hatter with his fiancee Kayla Rae Reid as Alice.

Photo: Ryan Lochte Instagram


Is that Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz, or Demi Lovato? We just can’t tell.

Photo: Demi Lovato Instagram 


Beyonce and her mother and daughter decided to take a trip back in time and disguise themselves as Salt-N-Pepa. You can’t really get much more adorable than this.

Photo: Beyonce Instagram 


While she might only have been five years old when Christina Aguilera released her hit single Dirrty, Kylie Jenner does a great job impersonating her.

Photo: Kylie Jenner Instagram