Checking Taylor Swift And Other Things We Learned From Retta’s Vulture Interview

Her run in with Taylor Swift

The celebrity story she’s most excited to share is her interaction with singer Taylor Swift.

“The best encounter is a micro-drama that encapsulates the surrealist joy of a celebrity interaction. It happened during the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, the second time the proceedings were hosted by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Her Parks and Recreation co-star Jim O’Heir kept refilling her glass with the giant bottle of Moët Chandon on the table, which meant that, eventually, she had to pee. Retta got in the very long line for the bathroom, where pop star Taylor Swift was standing behind her. “We’re standing there forever in line, standing in line, moving up, moving up, and I was next. I was looking off to the left, and I see Taylor walk past. I yelled ‘Taylor!’ She turns around and was like, ‘Oh, were you next?’” Retta recalls. “I was like, ‘Was I? We was standing in this together for like 15 minutes. Bitch, you know I was next,’ and I walk past her and went to the bathroom.”