Chic Business Lunch Spots In Toronto

Photo: colettetoronto on Instagram 

If you’re a busy Torontonian tired of having meetings at coffee shops, try out one of Toronto’s well-known restaurants for your next business lunch. Whether you want to enjoy a working meal with your colleagues, show your staff how much you appreciate them or network with a potential new connection, a nice view and a tempting menu can make business much easier. From French delicacies to exotic Asian dishes, we’ve curated a few local spots which may be suitable for your next lunchtime meeting. 

Cactus Club Café

The Cactus Club Café is popular on the West Coast, but has only been in Toronto for about two years now. Located in the Financial District and able to accommodate about 500 people, the café has a very sophisticated feel with curated art pieces on the walls. They offer a variety of foods, from tacos, burgers, salads and different types of desserts, with Chef Cory Vitiello in charge of the menu. 

Colette Grand Café

The Colette Grand Café can be found right next to the Thompson Hotel, and prides itself on offering an upscale European feel. The restaurant specializes in French cuisine, with all manner of dishes from duck and oysters to different types of soups. They will cater to your needs as the restaurant has a café, dining room and outdoor terrace to host your business meeting.

Momofuku Daisho

Momofuku Daisho is located in a glass cube inside the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Toronto. The restaurant first opened in 2012, and claims to do large format meals for groups of people, making it a possible staff lunch or business meeting location. The food ranges from seafood options such as shrimp cocktail, lobster and oysters to meats such as brisket and more eclectic foods. 


If a scenic city view is what you’re craving come lunchtime, Canoe is located at the top of the TD Tower on Wellington Street. The restaurant specializes in Canadian dishes, as many of the ingredients are locally grown itself.  Canoe has a private dining area, and features foods created by chefs like John Horne and Ron McKinlay.