Chris Pratt Prank Called an Exotic Pet Shop and Things Got Weird

This is crazy, but call Us, maybe? Chris Pratt prank called an exotic pet store as part of a recent appearance on BBC Radio 1, and things got very weird, very quickly.

This was no ordinary prank call. Per the rules of BBC’s “AlphabetiCall,” every sentence Pratt spoke had to start with the next letter of the alphabet. It started simply enough, with the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star, 37, asking the store employee, “Are you there?” — but the situation got sillier from there.

Speaking with an accent and posing as a man named Billy Group (Billy for the letter B), Pratt inquired about care for stick insects (a nod to the tree-like being in Guardians). “Frankly, I can’t find a single exotic pet shop that knows anything about them,” he said when he got to the letter F. “Generally, they are known as a stick bug.”

When the employee asked if he meant “stick insect,” the Parks and Recreation alum replied, “Hell yeah,” before launching into a story about hearing his pet stick bug speak. “Perhaps I could bring it down to you?” he asked when he got to P. “Quickly, tell me, where are you located?”

He struggled a bit when he reached the end of the alphabet — X and Z were particularly difficult — but he ultimately powered through. He even managed to sneak in an “I am Groot” reference!

Watch the video above to see the call.

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