Chris Sails Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Parker McKenna Posey


YouTube vlogger Chris Sails was reportedly arrested on Friday stemming from a September 10 physical confrontation between him and his girlfriend, actress Parker McKenna Posey.

Sails, 22, was arrested and booked at the Harris County jail in Houston, Texas. The Shade Room obtained the summary of facts written by the detective assigned to the case saying Posey sustained multiple punches to the face and was strangled. Posey, who rose to fame as a child actor on My Wife and Kids, allegedly told police she defended herself during the incident because she thought “she was going to die.”

According to the outlet, the couple became embroiled in a heated argument where Sails accused Posey of cheating. Sails reportedly found a direct message (DM) on Posey’s phone and confronted her about the text. During the argument Sails slapped Posey repeatedly and she suffered hits to her left arm and torso area. At one point she was knocked down to the ground.

Sails also reportedly began punching Posey, knocking her head against the concrete outside of their Houston apartment. Posey said she threw bottles at Sails in self-defense, but missed. She was punched and struck again when they re-entered the home, the outlet states.

The couple began dating after he divorced singer Queen Naija. Naija and Sails share a son and divorced in April 2018 amidst a very public cheating accusation.

In September, photos of Posey surfaced on the internet showing a blackened eye and bruises. Naija, who has moved on and is expecting a second baby with her boyfriend, tweeted well wishes to the actress after the photos went viral.

Posey initially didn’t directly respond to the photos but tweeted cryptic messages after her family and friends addressed the incident on social media. In early October she posted a message thanking fans for their support through a difficult time.

Sails responded to the photos saying he acted in self-defense. He was arrested in July for impersonating a Houston Police officer.