Color-Contoured Lashes — Would You Try It?

Another day, another crazy beauty trend.

While many of us look to a bold statement lip or eye-catching eyeliner to amp up our ensembles, there’s a new makeup trend making waves: color-contoured lashes. First spotted on Pinterest, the look is surely an adventure even though it’s best described as low-effort with high-impact.

In a video collaboration between Harper’s Bazaar and L’Oréal Paris, they break down the easy step-by-step way to achieve the fabulous look. First, they swipe a few coats of primer to the ends of curled lashes and apply blue mascara only to the tips. Combing from root to tip, they then remove excess mascara and top off the bottom lashes with a dust of black, and voila!

The results? An enviable ombré effect that subtle yet head turning. Who doesn’t love switching it up?

Click here and here to see how it’s done.