‘Counting On’ Recap: Jessa Duggar Calls Out ‘Huggy’ Jinger and Jeremy, Jill Gets Health Scare

Home is where the heart is. And the sofa. And the bookshelves. On the Monday, January 30, episode of Counting On, Ben, Jessa, Joy, Jason and Spurgeon helped Jinger get Jeremy Vuolo‘s apartment ready for his soon-to-be wife’s arrival. As Jinger gathered her things to travel to Texas from Arkansas, she reflected on what the move would mean to her life. Mainly, she felt it was “bittersweet” because she couldn’t wait to become Jeremy’s bride, but she would be far from friends and family.

“I am really not looking forward to the day when Jinger moves away,” Jessa admitted. “But I mean, I know what it’s like — you don’t want to put it off any longer than necessary, so we’re happy for her, sort of,” Jessa said to the camera. When she saw Jinger and Jeremy embrace upon arriving in Laredo, she added, “Jinger and Jeremy are much more ‘huggy’ and affectionate, but to each their own.” After he finished being all “huggy” with Jinger, Jeremy got busy unloading the 11 enormous suitcases the Duggar kids had brought along.

Derick and Jill Deal With Medical Issues

Back in Arkansas, Jill and Derick took Spurgeon for a checkup. While there, they asked the doctor about a gag reflex Derick was having from exercise, eating and a bunch of other triggers. The doctor didn’t have much to offer besides recommending Derick see a gastroenterologist (which he had already done). More alarming, however, was the doctor’s discovery that one of Jill’s arteries may have narrowed — this finding led him to recommend that she get a further workup to make sure nothing serious was going on. On the positive news side, Spurgeon was enormous for his age!

Jessa Talks Pregnancy

Jessa was 20 weeks into her second pregnancy at this point, and was obviously stunned by how different it was the second time compared to the first. “I haven’t had the opportunity to sleep as much this time around,” she said with a smile, adding she really couldn’t take any naps. “It does make me wonder if this might be a girl.” It seemed far more likely that she wasn’t able to take naps because she was taking care of another child, but regardless, she had a 50 percent chance of guessing the gender correctly.

A Woman’s Touch

Soon after beginning the process of furniture shopping and apartment decorating, it became clear to Jeremy that he wasn’t going to have much (if any) input. Though he and Jinger were on the same page when it came to sticking to the budget, she wanted a “light and bright” color scheme, while Jeremy’s taste was noticeably more masculine. After purchasing an apartment’s worth of furniture, they carted it all back to the bachelor pad via a truck loaned by one of Jeremy’s friends, who conveniently owned a moving company.

The production team checked in with the Duggar kids to confirm that none of them knew what a duvet was, and Jinger’s brothers headed off to buy her a car but ended up with a boat for themselves instead. Jeremy, meanwhile, watched in nearly silent horror as Jessa found the perfect place for his beloved bookshelf: in a closet. Seriously. She put the one thing he really loved in a closet.

Rather than get mad, however, Jeremy’s takeaway was a piece of advice for other young husbands: “What we may think is non-negotiable is a bit more negotiable than you thought,” he said to the camera. However, Jessa did let Jeremy keep his prized Rembrandt painting (not a real Rembrandt) out above the living room sofa. Small victories.

Tell Us: Are you surprised by how affectionate Jinger and Jeremy are?

Counting On airs on TLC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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