Crazy 1980s Inspired Eyeshadow Is Cool For Spring 2017

While the look of punchy, vivid eyeshadow may have been popular in the 1980s, it looks like Spring 2017’s beauty trends are increasingly drawing their inspiration from the past. In particular, vivid eyeshadow has made a return to the season’s runways, and is expected to make a splash in the months ahead. If you’re looking to bring the colours of the rainbow to your eyelids, try drawing your beauty cues from this rising fad.

On the runway at Louis Vuitton, smokey blue eyeshadow made a grand entrance, with various shades of navy and cobalt smudged together. For a finishing touch, the blue shadow was paired with dark winged liner and mascara. Meanwhile, pale pink lips contrasted against the colourful lids and offered a flawless juxtaposition.

At Victoria Beckham, winged dark blue eyeshadow also caused a sensation, and was applied straight across the eyelids. Against a flawless complexion, natural-looking brows and neutral lips, the fierce blue eyelids caused a sensation and brought an otherwise no makeup look to life.

Although blue shades certainly evoke the 1980s, Jill Stuart turned to shimmery lavender for a pop of springlike colour. Iridescent eyeshadow instantly illuminated the eyelids, with darkly outlined eyes offering a beautiful juxtaposition.

Whether you want to sport shimmer or solid shades, it’s clear that the wild ‘80s have returned to the forefront of beauty. From a Friday night statement to a funky and colourful daytime makeup look, it’s clear that retro eyeshadow is officially chic.

Photos: Vogue Runway