Cythia Bailey Is Living Her Best Post-Divorce Life While “Dating A Couple Different Guys”

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA — Season:10 — Pictured: Cynthia Bailey — (Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank)

Some women swear off men entirely after divorce, others jump right back into another serious relationship, and some play the field for a little bit. Cynthia Bailey is definitely doing the latter and loving it, as she revealed to “Extra TV” online correspondent Hannah Kahn during an interview.

“I promised myself that when I got divorced, I would give myself a year at least to just date, and not just date one person,” Cynthia explained, adding that currently, “I’m dating a couple different guys.”

If you follow Cynthia on Instagram, you already know one of those guys is motivational speaker Will Jones. As for the status of their relationship three months after the 50-year-old posted this photo of them online, she said, “Things are good with Will. I actually just got off the phone with him.”


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“Will is… he’s that guy,” she added. “Like, if I wanted to get in a serious relationship right now, I could totally see myself with someone like Will.”

But right now, Cynthia said she’s just enjoying herself and Will (and the other men she’s dating) know that too. “I was pretty transparent in the beginning, and I just said, ‘Listen, I want to have fun. I want to meet people, and I think you’re really nice. He kind of made it clear at some point that he may, you know, not be dating other people… He kind of came to that, but I was like listen, I am so flattered, but I still want to take my time.”

We can understand that. After all, it’s only been nine months since Cynthia’s divorce from Peter Thomas was finalized. The couple married in July 2010 so it’s been some time since Cynthia’s been able to play the field. As for whether she’d ever marry again, the real housewife said, “I keep going back and forth. I think I would. It would have to be just really the right situation and the right guy.”