Daivon Reeder Shows Us Sometimes You Have To Prove The Haters Wrong…Even If They’re Your Parents

daivon reeder

College grad Daivon Reeder just showed Twitter that sometimes your haters are your biggest motivators, even if they happen to be the heads of your household as well. With one simple tweet, the first-generation college grad clapped back at his stepfather while also inspiring others to chase their dreams even when folks tell you you’re wasting your time:

The tweet was shared more than 144,000 times in two days and as of April 22 had nearly 600,000 “likes.” More than 1,600 supportive comments were posted  many relating to the Eastern Michigan University grad’s simple dismissal of criticism from the very folks who should be telling you to never give up:

Reeder shared with Buzzfeed that the viral tweet is probably so popular because it’s so relatable:

“I’m just a first-generation college kid from Detroit trying to beat the odds. I guess people can relate to a humble beginning.”

“I really do appreciate all the support. It makes these last few years worth everything.”

In recent days, the 22-year-old has been interviewed by Buzzfeed, MLive, and Yahoo News just to name a few with outlets eager to tell Reeder’s tale of beating the odds and rising above peoples’ low expectations which unfortunately are often more about limits they’ve set for themselves more than others.

Reeder who majored in criminal justice and minored in military science says the tweet wasn’t meant to bash his stepfather, but to show that even negative words can work to help someone stay committed to their goals.

Congrats to this young man who has an incredible sense of humor and the smarts to match. We’re sure big things are in store for him.

You can see Reeder (who tossed his grad cap this weekend) share some thoughts on graduation in the clip below: