Danish Design House Georg Jensen Replaces Models With Role Models


Danish design house Georg Jensen is already known worldwide for their artistic boldness when it comes to their sterling silverware and flatware, fine jewelry, watches, accessories and their home collection, and now they’ve decided to take a fresh, new step forward when it comes to their advertising. Instead of using traditional models to promote their products, they have decided to use role models, with the simple message that “You can never be too much you”.

The 112 year-old company is a leader in the world when it comes to hiring women in senior management positions. After all 50% of the team is female, including CEO Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt who herself became the first female CEO of the company when she took over the position earlier this year. Sjöstedt said in a released statement that “we’ve always encouraged women to be themselves and make their own success – our campaign is the extension of that very philosophy and the women featured are the embodiment of that.” 

The campaign features five influential and inspirational women, including award-winning film director Susanne Bier from Denmark, welterweight boxing champion Cecilia Brækhus of Norway, Australian comedian Sarah Kendall, Iranian professional motocross rider Behnaz Shafiei and American chef Dominique Crenn. All five of the women have succeeded in fields typically dominated by men.

”Georg Jensen is for women all over the world who embrace their voices and create their own path – and don’t let anyone else define them. We wanted this campaign to transcend ideals about beauty, putting focus on personality first. The women featured are powerful role models, and we’re very proud to be featuring them in the campaign”, says Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt. ”In this campaign we celebrate five demanding, strong, provocative, loud and ambitious women, who don’t compromise about who they are.”

This new campaign will undoubtedly help set the bar high when it comes to inspiring women in all walks of life. The video shows the role models doing what they do best, from cooking, to preparing themselves for a stand-up show, to making a movie. In a world dominated by image, Georg Jensen helps shatter stereotypes and proves that you can be whomever want to be in this life, even when society originally hesitates at the thought.

You can follow the campaign online through social media using the hashtag #IamNeverTooMuch, or at .

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