Dawn Richard And 9 Other Black Women Who Stripped Down (And Did The Most) For PETA

Singer Dawn Richard is the face of PETA’s latest ad campaign — or should we say the body?

Black women for PETA

The former Danity Kane and Dirty Money member bared it all for an ad that takes aim at leather, stating “Leather Is A Rip-Off” and “That leather jacket or upholstery was someone’s skin.” Richard is seen on the ground, in pain, while having skin pulled from her backside.

“We want to show the reality that animals don’t have the ability to say how much pain they’re in or tell you not to rip their skin off for your ability to wear something,” Richard said in an interview with PETA about the experience. This is the second time the star has posed for PETA and said that after doing her research, namely about what she was putting into her body, she evolved. Richard learned just as much about the cruel treatment required for a lot of the leather goods people wear as she did about the treatment required for the foods she was eating.

“Really get into the process of seeing what you’re putting not only inside your body, but outside, too,” she recommended in the interview.

Richard is not the first or last Black woman in the spotlight to go vegan and pose for the company or opt against wearing animal fur, leather and more. Check out nine other Black women for PETA over the years.