DD Sports Bras: Comfort And Support For Active Divas With Double Ds

Even if you’ve just decided to be active with summer right around the corner, something is better than nothing. But that saying doesn’t work when it comes to sports bras necessary to have a good workout. That “something” requires support, some strong straps, good padding, underwire and more. However, just because your breasts are bigger doesn’t mean a high-impact, maximum support bra is necessary for every workout. Honestly, a woman doesn’t have to be strapped in to do battle when she’s just going to do a few yoga poses or strength training. So, with all of that in mind, we’ve found five popular sports bras that are not only a good price, but actually provide you, ladies who need DD sports bras, with some comfort and support.

DD sports bras

1. Glamorise Double-Layer Custom Control Underwire Sports Bra


2. Victoria Sport Lightweight By Victoria Sport Bra


3. Victoria Sport Knockout Front-Close Sport Bra


4. Nike Pro Rival High Support Sports Bra


5. Brooks Fiona Medium Impact Sports Bra