Deadpool 2 Casts German Actress Zazie Beetz As Domino

Deadpool 2 hasn’t even started filming yet, and already there is a lot of buzz surrounding it. Everything from casting of major characters, to that teaser trailer that aired before Logan. Now it has been announced that an actress has been cast in one of the major roles in the upcoming feature. German-born actress Zazie Beetz has been cast to star as Domino.

Ryan Reynolds was the one who released the news initially, by posting a photo of a bunch of photos of dominos on Twitter. He wrote beneath the photo “Domino Effect.” At first the image didn’t look like it was anything special, until you look at it a little longer and see that it spells out the name Zazie Beatz.

Zazie Beatz is a relative newcomer, but has started to make a name for herself in the last year. She’s best known for playing Van (short for Vanessa) in the TV series Atlanta, but has also appeared in the Netflix series Easy, and last year’s movie Wolves.

In the comic books, Domino is a mutant mercenary who is often teamed up with Cable (whose casting announcement we expect soon), and was at one point a member of X-Force. Her powers include probability manipulation, which makes her an excellent sharpshooter and fighter. It also prevents her from getting hit. In recent days singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe was rumoured to be the front runner for the part. Before her everyone from, Sienna Miller to Lizzy Caplan and Ruby Rose were supposedly considered for the role. 

While no date has been set for the release of Deadpool 2 as of yet, it’s expected to be in 2018, and will be directed by David Leitch’s sequel. Ryan Reynolds once again returns to the role, and will produce as well.

Photo: Instarimages