“Dear White People” Renewed For A Second Season

Image via Netflix

With the way Netflix was cancelling shows, trying to stay within their budgets, you have to wonder which shows are safe and which ones of our favorites would end up on the chopping block.

Thankfully, “Dear White People” is safe.

Creator Justin Simien recently confirmed the news to Entertainment Weekly, saying that the second season will consist of 10 additional episodes.

For those who didn’t watch the film or the first season, it follows the Black minority population at a predominately White Ivy League school which is having problems with racial tensions at the school, exacerbated by a blackface party and later more egregious issues.

Simien told Entertainment Weekly the Trump Era has inspired the direction for the second season and he plans to explore the “era of misinformation” and what happens when a protest fails.

“I think the ramifications of the kind of failed attempt to protest what’s going on at school — everyone being in the aftermath of that failed attempt — that’s certainly a point of entry for me, because how many times have we rallied together to fight something and we’re still in the same place we were yesterday?” Simien told EW in May. “How do you keep on going after you’ve gone to the Women’s March and this dude is still in office? That pervasive feeling of, what is it all for, is certainly one that I think the characters are going to be dealing with in season 2.”

And most encouraging, to me, he also promised to share more of the story behind fan favorite Joelle, played by Ashley Blaine Featherson, who also did a remarkable job on the web series “Hello Cupid.”

In preparation for the season Simien has been reading The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter, Paul Beatty’s The Sellout and Race-Baiter by Eric Deggans.

For now, the entire cast is returning for season 2 and Yvette Lee Bowser, the woman who brought us “Living Single” will serve as the showrunner.