Designer Brit Wacher On Her New Cosmic Boudoir Collection And Finding Escapism In Fashion

No longer just a rising whiz kid in the world of Canadian fashion, Montreal-based designer Brit Wacher has come a long way from her humble beginnings. When we last spoke to the soft-spoken and meticulous design talent in 2014, she shared her Designer Picks for the upcoming season. Almost three years later, Real Style reunited with Wacher following her recent show at Fashion Art Toronto 2017.

Since then, Wacher has been expanding her label, and has dressed stars such as musician Saint Vincent. Her Fall 2017 Cosmic Boudoir line expands on the theme of escapism, and tells the story of a fictional otherworldly goddess called Mary Merula. While Wacher first introduced Mary in her Spring/Summer 2016 collection, her story continues in the splashy, pattern-filled new Brit Wacher lineup. Curious to know more, Real Style spoke to Wacher backstage about her FAT 2017 designs, creative inspiration and newfound passion for vivid colours.

Real Style: Tell us more about what has inspired your latest designs.

Brit: This collection is called Cosmic Boudoir. It was created more or less as a time span, rather than as a collection. Each piece is based around the essence of a character, the energy of a being. It was created in a way of escapism or therapy. Then when it was time for the collection to be finished, I gathered together all the pieces and that’s what Cosmic Boudoir is.

Real Style: You’re an emerging Canadian designer. How has this journey been for you?

Brit: It’s been really interesting and I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with silhouettes, construction and fabric choices. Recently, I started incorporating colour into the work, and now I’m focusing more on entering the marketplace, creating more marketable products that still stay true to my artistic vision.

The reason that I am creating clothing in the first place is to help aid and empower women. Clothes are made sometimes as a mask, that go-to bold piece to get you from A to B in life. Sometimes, you have hiccups here and there, and you just need that extra sense of power to keep going.

Real Style: Where do you find your creative energy?

Brit: I’m really inspired by musicians and the music scene, and I like a lot of rock and punk music. I guess the idea of how a band is going on tour is kind of the essence of how I want the variety show to be. It’s this travelling extravaganza and trunk show.

Real Style: Do you have any favourite fashion memories?

Brit: A really exciting time was when I graduated from fashion school, and I went to Holland and did my internship with a designer called Pauline van Dongen. She incorporates technology into her practices, and is really amazing.

Real Style: How did training with Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen help prepare you for having your own label?

Brit: The time that I spent in her studio caught me a lot of technical construction of garments, and the exploration of creating unique pieces- architectural pieces and structure. It was a technical skill building time, watching her process of taking it from an idea to actual material product.

Real Style: What are your signature fabrics and materials?

Brit: I like using natural fibres a lot. I love working with wool and silk, and experimenting with different printing and dying techniques to create different colours. I’m really interested in merging into sustainable, using more eco fabrics. I’ve been researching about utilizing hemp, and how to use this eco fabric and turn it into a high fashion product.

Real Style: What can we expect next from your label?

Brit: In the new season, I am working on some basic products. We are going to get to the basics, just some really simply tailored basics.

Photo 1: Courtesy of Brit Wacher

Photos 2 and 3: Jonathan Hooper