Despite Clash With Her Sister, Amara La Negra Still Hoping To Work With Cardi B: “I Have Contacted Her Several Times”


Earlier this year, while Amara La Negra was making a name for herself on Love and Hip Hop Miami, she was also speaking open and honestly about issues of colorism in the Latino community and the struggle of identifying as Afro-Latina. When asked about Cardi B’s success, during her controversial interview with The Breakfast Club, Amara said she may have had an easier time crossing over into the mainstream because she is of a lighter complexion. That commentary seemed to rub Cardi’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, the wrong way. She said that Cardi had been talking about colorism for some time, so Amara’s thoughts on the matter weren’t new. She also made it clear that “People f–k with Cardi because of who she is, not because she’s light skinned.”

Amara and Hennessy ended up going back and forth in debate about it for a short time, with Amara saying she was misunderstood. In the end, they seemed to agree to disagree. Months later, despite that light online clash, the singer is still holding out hope that she can collaborate with the “Bartier Cardi” rapper sooner than later.

“I would love to record with Cardi B,” she told PEOPLE en Espanol, in Spanish. “I have contacted her several times and it has not happened yet, but I would love to collaborate with her who is Dominican and Afro-Latin like me and we both come from the same franchise, Love and Hip Hop. I believe in female empowerment. Union make force.”

Amara has spoken about her admiration for Cardi since stepping into the spotlight, but has also made it clear that she’s looking to create her own lane.

“It is an honor for people to compare me to Cardi B, because I do admire her, especially as a fellow Dominicana and Afro-Latina as well,” she told Refinery 29 recently. “I admire her work, her struggles, her sacrifice, her discipline. However, I’d rather people just say you’re the next Amara La Negra. We have different styles, our music is different, and we have different stories, so I won’t be the next Cardi B. But I will be the next Amara La Negra.”