Did You Know There Was A Colored Girls Museum?

While the National Museum of African American History and Culture is on my to-do and to-see list. I also have to check out the museum dedicated specifically to women of color. Because Lord knows we have and continue to take a backseat in the overall narrative of Black folk in this country.

But at The Colored Girls Museum that is not the case.

Located in Germantown, Philadelphia home of Vashti DuBois, The Colored Girls Museum is curated by activists, artists, neighbors, thought leaders, hair dressers and many more.

According to the site:

“The Colored Girls Museum distinguishes herself by exclusively collecting, preserving, honoring, and decoding artifacts pertaining to the experience and herstory of colored girls. This museum shall serve as a clearinghouse of multidimensional arty-facts, objects and information about Colored Girls: equal parts research facility, exhibition space, gathering place and think tank. This Colored Girls Museum is the first institution of its kind, which considers memoir, in any form, as well as objects of personal and historic significance, as evidence with empirical value.

Audience members are treated to a Salon Styled-Guided tour of a home which has been converted to a Museum. This multidisciplinary event is a collaborative experience between patrons and The Colored Girls Museum.”

The Colored Girls Museum is open every Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Check out more pictures from the museum below.

To learn more information about the museum and how to schedule a visit, head over to The Colored Girls Museum here.