Discover Okanagan Valley, British Columbia This Fall


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Located 400km from Vancouver, Okanagan Valley is a stunning region of British Columbia that known for its rich history, beautiful greenery, and of course, wine. Given its warm climate, this destination is perfect for travellers hoping to enjoy the outdoors throughout the fall months. We’ve rounded up a few intriguing attractions and activities of the Okanagan Valley Region, for any tourists who are hoping to visit the breathtaking Canadian destination this fall.

Sample some of Canada’s finest wine

Considering the region’s vast expanse of greenery, it comes as little surprise that Okanagan is home to the second largest wine region in Canada. Fondly nicknamed the “Napa of the North,” Okanagan wineries are internationally renowned for the rich variety of wines that are produced in the region. If you’re there for a short stay, try a day tour like Okanagan Valley Wine Tour’s “The Sampler” which allows you to test out four of the top wineries in Okanagan. If you’re planning a relaxing getaway, consider the D’Vine Wine Getaway, a two day tour that allows you to unwind in the valley’s picturesque vineyards.

Cycle through Myra Canyon Park

Whether you’re a beginner biker or a cycling fanatic, the Myra Canyon Park bike trail offers exciting ride no matter your skill level. The trail follows the now abandoned Kettle Valley Railway, which runs directly through a steep canyon. The sights along the trail are so breathtaking that you’ll want to stop your bike once in a while to properly take in the views. If you’re travelling without a bike, the park offers a rental service on site.

Engage with history at the Nk’Mip Cultural Centre

Not only is Okanagan home to a luscious green valley, but it also encompasses Canada’s only desert. The Nk’Mip Cultural Centre offers indoor and outdoor exhibits that aim to educate visitors about the cultural and natural history of the land. The attraction also includes access to several walking trails that allows visitors to take in the beauty of Canada’s “pocket desert” for themselves.


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De-stress in the Kasugai Japanese Garden

Located in the region’s largest city, Kelowna, the Kasugai Garden offer a tranquil retreat from the bustle of downtown. This beautiful spot was built as a symbol of friendship between Kelowna and the Japanese city of Kasugai. Complete with koi ponds and a tea house, the Kasugai Garden allows visitors to unwind and appreciate the serenity that this attraction has to offer.

Hike up Knox Mountain

British Columbia is famous for its beautiful hiking trails and Okanagan is definitely no exception. This 766 acre park is home to Knox Mountain and offers a number of hiking trails that offer incredible views of Lake Okanagan. Paul’s Tomb trail leads to the tomb of Rembler Paul, an animal activist of the late 1800s, and also offers a spot to cool off in the water at the end of the trail.