DIY Body Hacks To Prepare Your Skin For Spring

By: Emmy Gnat 

If you’re huddled in your home fearing the windy springtime mornings, you might as well have some “me” time. Who has the time or funds (or desire) to leave the warmth of their house to go to an expensive spa? Bring Zen to your own home and body with these four simple home remedies to rejuvenate yourself.

Bath Bombs


These fizzy and sweet smelling concoctions have been flooding stores and spas with their easy use and mesmerizing foam that can turn bath time into a mini vacation. This simple recipe requires less than ten ingredients, all of which are fully organic. Although this recipe takes 24 hours to fully complete, it is worth it to save the ten dollars you would normally spend on a bath bomb. You also get to customize the shape and the colour, which adds to the fun. So, light some candles, pour some wine, and enjoy your homemade relaxation remedy.

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Shaving Gel


If you’ve ever broken out in a rash after shaving, this one will be your lifesaver. Many store-bought shaving gels have harsh chemicals in them that can leave your skin scaly and itchy. This vitamin E infused gel with Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer, leaving your body smooth all year round. It only takes some Aloe Vera, one vitamin E capsule, coconut oil, and your choice of essential oils. You can store this creation in any container in your bathroom or shower. Make sure to shake it well before you use it to mix all the ingredients together so you can get the full experience out of your gel.

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Body Scrubs

sea salt

Get ready to flaunt the skin you’ve been hiding all winter with this cleansing body scrub. Just take some grapefruits, or any fruit with a peel you can zest, add coconut oil, salt, and sweet almond oil then you’re good to go. Helpful hint: make sure your mixing bowl is fully dry so the salt doesn’t dissolve at the bottom – it’s the part that scratches your skin. It takes hardly any time to make this simple and all natural mixture. This exfoliator wakes up your skin from its snow season slumber and brings it back for some springtime partying.

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