Does George Clooney Have Dance Skills? Beyonce and Drake’s Choreographer Tells All

Does George Clooney have the moves? Celebrity choreographer Tanisha Scott, who worked with Clooney, 55, master the steps for a routine in last year’s Money Monster, gives her stamp of approval.

“George is so great on his feet!” Scott tells Us Weekly: “Working with George Clooney on his Money Monster dance scene was such an amazing moment because he’d never danced in any movie before. His timing was not quite perfect, but he’s naturally a great mover and he can mimic very well, so we worked on the timing. In the end he ended up looking really cool.” Scott, who has worked with such legends as Drake and Beyoncé, says of Clooney, “He loves Frank Sinatra, he loves Sammy Davis Jr., and he wants to move like that and I was really able to see that in his footwork.”

Scott, who got her start choreographing dancehall for such Sean Paul videos as ‘Gimme the Light” and “Like Glue” says working with actors is, naturally, a very different experience from working with musical artists. “When you’re working with an actor who is not necessarily a dancer, it’s a different process, but the more you’re confident and immerse yourself in the moves, the better it’s going to be. George is a confident guy!”

The Toronto native, who has also created the moves for such iconic music videos as Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” Beyoncé’s “Upgrade You” and Rihanna’s “Work,” told Us at the GapFit Sculpt collection launch at Rumble studios in NYC, “Beyoncé, Rihanna and Drake all work so hard, and they love dancehall. All three of them are very open artists: They really let themselves free and let their bodies flow. They are a pleasure to work with.”

What about Scott’s favorite “pinch me” moment from her career? Even though she’s worked with all the biggest names in the game, Scott’s fondest memory is of Jodie Foster. “ When Jodie Foster told me she was a fan of my work I almost lost it! Like are you kidding me? Jodie started naming off things that I’ve done, like ‘Gimme the Light” and said she loved everything I did with Rihanna, I was shocked! I have loved Jodie Foster since I was little.” Scott gushes, “Then Jodie stood up and asked me to show her some dancehall moves and how to move her hips, right there in the middle of the boardroom meeting, that was such a pinch-me moment.”

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