‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Season Premiere Recap: Kim Zolciak Sets Her Butt on Fire In Italy

Don’t be tardy for the trip to Italy! Kim Zolciak and her husband, NFL player Kroy Biermann, were joined by their six children as they kicked off their sixth season of Bravo’s Don’t Be Tardy on Friday, October 6. The premiere primarily revolved around Kim’s trip to Florence, Italy, to promote her skincare line.

The two-part episode started with an update on the ever-chaotic lives of the Biermann clan. Aside from introducing the newest member of the family — a $35,000 couch — Kim revealed that as of now “all the littles are bilingual” and speaking Spanish after the hiring of a bilingual nanny.

Brielle Might Hate Her Boyfriend

We also got a chance to peek into the lives of Brielle Biermann and boyfriend of one year, Boston Red Sox minor league pitcher Michael Kopech. After describing her beau as “the sweetest most incredible, most thoughtful man,” Brielle’s sister Ariana swiftly undercut that statement. Ariana revealed, “She goes through phases where she says, ‘I hate Michael.’” Trouble in paradise? Considering the season 6 trailer hinted at the duo moving in together, hopefully not!

Kim Slams Italian Food and Wine

The episode really took off when Kim, Kroy, Ariana and Brielle set out on their Italian adventure. There to attend an international beauty convention to support her skincare line, Kashmere — which, according to Kim, is now a “multimillion-dollar company” — Kim and her brood also took some time to see the sights. Prior to boarding the flight, Kim slammed Italian wine, revealing she almost shipped her own. Kim admitted, “I can’t risk having sh–ty wine. … They say Italy is the ‘old country’ but I’m not gonna be sipping old sh–ty wine.” Yikes. After arriving Kim also refused to eat an elaborate multi-course fine dining meal because it wasn’t “real food.”

Kim Set Her Butt on Fire

After attending the convention and briefly looking at a booth for a cosmetics packaging company that was, ironically, based in L.A., Kim took time out for a much more important activity: getting her butt “cupped” and set on fire to make it bigger. Kim said it best when she revealed, “The bigger the ass the closer to God.” Amen.

The two-part premiere concluded with Kim concocting a plan to propose a vow renewal to Kroy while on a gondola in Venice. Kim gushed to her daughters, “I want to do it seven years to the day [that we met].” The sweet moment was undercut, however, when Kim’s sweatpants ripped due to her butt increasing in size. Kim confessed, “My ass has, no joke, gone from like a D to a double D because of that treatment yesterday.”

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Don’t Be Tardy airs on Bravo Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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